The importance of research and development

Zanon Pressure Equipement has it own Engineering Department with a permanent staff, fully qualified and experienced to perform thermal and mechanical design.

Based on process licensor requirements, Engineering Group know-how allows the development of critical equipment in conformity with International Standards & Codes, such as: ASME, ISPSEL, AD-MERKBLATTER, STOOMWEZEN, CODAP, EN 13445, PD 5500, GB150/151.
Thermal design is performed by means of HTRI/HTFS software, while mechanical design is finalised thanks to qualified software like PV Elite.

Finally, the Engineering Department is equipped to perform in-house 2D/3D finite element analysis, Fracture mechanics analysis, fatigue analysis, creep analysis, 3D CAD/CAE systems analysis.

The Technical department of Zanon Pressure Equipement S.r.l. is well integrated with Brembana e Rolle Group exploiting good synergies with the technical department of the other companies of the group.