Zanon Pressure Equipment S.r.l. is leader in the design and supply of state of the art heat exchangers and pressure equipment


It was September 23rd. 1959 when the first Heat Exchanger was delivered from the Schio workshop. Over the years several Heat Exchangers for Fertilizer, Petrochemical and Oil & Gas Industries have been manufactured in our workshops.
Today High Pressure Heat Exchangers and special material Heat Exchanger are the core business of the company.


Zanon Pressure Equipement S.r.l. can supply heavy wall reactors such as Tubolar Reactors, HDS Reactors and other special reactors for Oil & Gas and Petrochemical applications.
We have experience in all kind of materials and the construction is foreseen in our workshop in Schio with final assembly in the Group workshop in Marghera for very big pieces of equipment.


Columns and Vessels for Oil&Gas and Petrochemical applications, in all kind of materials, are part of the ZPE products portfolio.


Zanon Pressure Equipement S.r.l. works closely with customers engineering team to ensure the optimum design, development and fabrication of these components.
Zanon PE’s keys to success in this sector are extensive experience in successfully meeting the challenges presented by the development of non-traditional components, in-depth knowledge of special materials, and total respect for the client’s need for absolute confidentiality.